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Specialised in pavement

 Installing pavement requires a special skillset. Handyman Heeze is specialised in this type of work and can assist you every step of the way. From advise beforehand, taking measurements, groundworks, pavement and transportation of debri.


 Before being able to install pavement, a lot has to be done first. For example getting rid of old pavement or plants, excavating soil, possibly installing drainage and/or electricity, supply of sand and bringing the foundation to the correct hight and angling it of correctly to secure proper flow of water when it rains. Handyman Heeze is perfectly equipped to handle all this for you, using modern equipment and machines. We can also take care of the needed logistics.

Installing pavement

Building pavement, is true craftsmanship. You need to consider the proper flow of water in rain, everything needs to be perfectly flat and straight and it obviously needs to look amazing. Take into consideration the different types of pavement ( cobblestones, tiles etc.) and you will understand that only true craftsmen will deliver the result you are looking for, which will last for years and years.  

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